The Gottlieb Organization is continuously studying our own solutions and working with our clients as well as studying industry trends and business issues as a part of our ongoing diligence and research and development.  From time to time, we identify a problem or a gap in financial services and work to develop solutions to such ignored issues, sometimes developing programs that we place into our Specialty Finance companies. 

Interest Rate Risk Management Company (IRRMCo)

Gottlieb clients, especially those who implement a Tandem Plan, have exposure to the financial impact of the interest rate volatility.  Gottlieb has undertaken extensive diligence in matters of seeking methods of how to best manage interest rate changes for our clients.  Having experienced such events as the global economic crash in 2008, risks that some believed would never occur have occurred.  And, therefore, considering financial exposure to unexpected risks has become a part of our everyday work with and for clients and their advisors. 

Waiting for bad things to happen is never a good orientation in our experience.  Working to make good things happen is what our clients expect of us and certainly what we develop for clients.  Avoiding the surprise of bad things happening has become an expected service we deliver for our clients, having properly advised, calibrated and planned many events unexpected and unplanned for by others for more than 50 years. 

Having investigated extensively on Wall Street and Main Street the specific subject of interest rate risk, IRRMCo was borne as a means to deliver this financial management service to and for our clients.  The iHedge is a financial instrument structured in a proprietary manner that provides interest rate risk management for our clients in all economic environments.  Should rates never rise, our clients will have ownership of the iHedge and experience comfort to know that they are protected against costs associated with rates rising above accepted levels by a client.  Should rates remain flat or fall, our program builds value that will be realized in the future.  Our structures and purchase method allow the iHedge to be embraced by most of our clients regardless of current interest rates or volatility indications.

If rates never rise, we believe our clients will have a comfort level on a relatively favorable basis with acceptable costs.  When rates do rise, the iHedge can deliver meaningful benefits that will provide a highly attractive rate of return on the iHedge purchase.  Purchasing and holding iHedge offers what seems to be an inevitable profit to the extent that one has a view that – at some point – interest rates will rise.