Gottlieb and its carefully selected management team, each bring to our organization and avail to clients, a deep and thorough technical knowledge of many disciplines. We are often sought and then engaged to consider complex problems – financial and familial alike – and asked to develop alternative solutions to address and resolve such client challenges. Over the course of time, we have established and will continue to establish discrete practices within Gottlieb that support myriad client requests. Two of these oft-repeated requests have been formalized into specific consulting practices. In addition to CPR offered by our Corporate Markets Group, other wealth management focused consulting practices have emerged from our client work over the years.  

Forensic Planning Consultancy

Forensic Planning Consultancy, LLC (FPC) is a company passionately devoted to exploring at an in-depth level our what clients are seeking. Their legacy. Their footprints in the sand. How our wealthy clients want to impact their world. FPC embodies decades of experience and study of planning and broad knowledge and proficiency in delivering guidance and direction to both simple and complex family and families inevitably issues arising from or with accumulated wealth.  We begin not with analysis of financial programs, but exploring with clients what makes them go, what drives them, how do they want to be remembered.  

We question. We probe.  We ponder.  We develop.  We implement.  We support.

FPC is a four stage consulting program that begins with a performance-based engagement of FPC by a wealthy client or family or successful business that starts with an extraction from each client of necessary and critical perspective on value. Delving into why they do what they do and what is of import to each client.  We call this phase Discovery.  As this process unfolds, FPC moves our clients from acting as CFOs and COOs of their financial lives to CEOs and Chairmen of the Board. 

Through the delivery of highly developed strategic wealth planning, we reconstitute their financial advisors’ orientation from a disjointed amalgam of planning to an integrated team approach, with each team member understanding and contributing to the team.  All work is predicated on the clients’ – not the advisors or brokers ideas of what should occur – value system, goals and risk tolerances.   Wealthy and ultra-wealthy families see themselves and their wealth in exciting new ways. Their financial advisors gain expanded paths for input and opportunities with their clients to deliver client articulated value with a team delivering what their clients’ desire. 

Re-Imagination sets the tone and charts the course enabling clients’ advisors to begin to really work for the client, rather than accept a patchwork of financial plans and entities created in response to historical legislative, family or financial change. Re-Imagination is truly working with a new canvass and palette of colors.  In this phase, clients experience their team of advisors shaping their financial affairs to absorb these clarified values.


Philanthropic Solutions

PS emerged not as an afterthought, but engineered as a “next step” for some of our ultra wealth families and highly successful corporate clients from an acquisition of Palm Beach Philanthropic Solutions and its founder joining The Gottlieb Organization.  Increasingly clients conclude that their wealth is far greater than they need or envision their family needs generations into the future.  PS is a process under which clients recognizing this develop paths by which they can impact not only their families with inherited wealth, but change the world, touching people and organizations who have impacted their lives. Dimensional Philanthropy℠  is our proprietary method of developing from client core values to design and implement active, living philanthropic initiatives.  It is not uncommon for clients to believe at the outset of our work that they have no charitable intent.  And yet, PS emerges and evolves over time as core values become apparent.  As a result, clients begin to think about philanthropy and recognize the ability and opportunity available to impact the world.  In numerous cases, our work in developing client wealth allows them to achieve such philanthropy using resources that – in most cases – that didn’t exist or that they never even knew they had.